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in 2005 David Choe was commissioned to paint the Facebook HQ and was offered the choice of being paid in cash or company stock. He chose stock and he is about to see a huge payday. Full Story Here:


Incubator senior designer and office badass had some work in the Letstanbul artist project in September. She did this awesome typographic piece for the Institute of Creative Minds (Yaratıcı Fikirler Enstitüsü).

and our favorite Gamze Can helped out

Learn more about Letstanbul here:


Dont Hug Me Im Scared by This is It

photo: Jaime Rojo

After checking out the Haculla show down in LES, I googled up some images and came across an Incubator original. We did this series of super models in September, in October they put one up on BK street art for their Halloween post. In March I found it. Late but we still think its pretty neat.

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