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original is best

Come out and see our friend and resident artist Brian Ermanski at the Tribeca Grand at 9 Pm, TONIGHT.

Lipsticks & Loose Lips
Paintings by Brian Ermanski

David Katz
Brion Isaacs

Wednesday, June 6th
9pm – 1am

Open bar by Peroni & Wodka
9pm – 10pm

Tribeca Grand
Church & White St.


10 bucks, we’ve been putting this together for months. It will be hard to give up, but sometimes we have to part with the the things we love most.

Made this for a mailer, pretty into. Just wanted to share it

this needs no explanation

Rebecca showed me this from all the way over on the other side of the office today. That, compounded with the fact that my roomates have been watching new Beavis & Butthead non stop and that I came across this a number of times throughout my day, made me decide to put it up for anyone else who hasnt seen it. Apparently Kevin Kirkpatrick is really awesome and makes awesome stuff. full article and more photos –

Beavis and Butthead for Real

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