this needs no explanation


in 2005 David Choe was commissioned to paint the Facebook HQ and was offered the choice of being paid in cash or company stock. He chose stock and he is about to see a huge payday. Full Story Here:

Anyone who knows me knows that I dont touch Folgers, ever. But this is simply amazing, offensive and amazing. Sounds a lot like how I speak to my roomates, I’m looking at you Peter.

I need for find more of these.
Zeynep found this on Burlesque (another one of my favorites) – go there and buy stuff.

Rebecca showed me this from all the way over on the other side of the office today. That, compounded with the fact that my roomates have been watching new Beavis & Butthead non stop and that I came across this a number of times throughout my day, made me decide to put it up for anyone else who hasnt seen it. Apparently Kevin Kirkpatrick is really awesome and makes awesome stuff. full article and more photos –

Beavis and Butthead for Real

I often wonder why we dont have a bottle of scotch lying around the office, possibly hidden behind some book no one will ever read.

the Macallen

Please come out and celebrate a wonderful 2011. Free booze, Good Music, Good Friends. Hope to see everyone there.

Monday, December 19
White Noise NYC
225 Avenue B
New York. NY. 10009
FREE BOOZE – 7:30 – 8:30

DJ sets by Shant Tawilian and Goober
Open Bar
Ugly Sweaters Encouraged

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